Our philosophy is based on bringing new perspectives to people, not only music-wise but also personally. Supporting those who are not only talented, loving and passionate but also share the same mindset is the key to our scene. Our focus is to bring love to people and make everyone feel loved whenever we come together.

Quality Time is not only a place, it is a community that makes everyone involved feel at home. Who would we all be without each other? It is time for everybody to understand that supporting one another means also supporting ourselves. We love electronic music and we can all contribute to a broadening variety of sound and opportunities to grow. Whenever this community comes together we create a second home.

In less than one year Quality Time has grown fast from organizing regular events in Garage442, a dance bar where it all started, we proceeded to a monthly residency in RED58, one of the most important nightclubs in town, and events at Macarena, the legendary micro club. Our activities range from relaxed after-work bar sessions to open-air daytime and nightlife club experiences. As a reflection of our philosophy, Quality Time is not tied to one particular place.

Our residents are deeply passionate about electronic music and live our philosophy which you can feel whenever you meet them or hear them play:


Cruzo Lively Dominolo Detox