Cruzo Lively

In 1990, Cruzo Lively was born in the heart of Stuttgart and grew up surrounded by art and music. At a young age, he began dancing and his first major influence was his father, who was a DJ, dancer, and producer himself. Cruzo Lively was led by his brother Eric Lively towards electronic music. Together they successfully founded the event series Studio Lively. During his first gigs at Finca, he quickly gained a reputation by playing his self-created genre of Spiritual Techno and has become a renowned artist in this area since. His open-minded attitude as well as his love for music and best friends like Gleb Gornov, were essential contributions to his musical education.
Cruzo widened his horizon by playing and collaborating with different clubs such as Romantica, his home base, and Kowalski. He is frequently seen behind the decks of the Climax Institutes, Romy S., Kala Afterhour and Toy.

Cruzo’s current projects take place in the beautiful capital of Catalunya, Barcelona. There is a lot on the horizon referring the engagement with the  Quality Time collective and the Traumraum label.


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